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Needs Assessment
Goal Planning

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment

There is a definite correlation between substance abuse and crime. Studies show that criminal offenders have a significantly higher level of drug use than nonoffenders.

In addition, an increase in drug use increases the potential to commit an offense. Morals and values are compromised through the use of alcohol/drugs and replaced with self-centeredness.

Counseling provides an opportunity for the offender to gain an increased knowledge of addiction and explore his criminal thinking patterns and helps to reduce the potential for future criminal behaviors and drug use.

The RITAS Ministry 3 Phase Substance Abuse Program consist of One-On-One Sessions and follow up Recovery Groups.

An initial assessment helps to determine the depth of the counseling that is needed, and a substance abuse counselor facilites all of the groups. If individualized sessions are needed an appointment can be scheduled with a substance abuse counselor.

Anger Management

The Anger Management course focuses on helping individuals come to terms with their anger problems, and suggests different coping mechanisms.  Preference will be given to clients who are mandated for treatment.

Group sessions will consist of both educational and process activities. The classes are offered once a week at the RITAS Ministry office. Please call the office for further information. (630) 966-0252

Medical Assistance and Referrals
Employment Referrals
Resume Writing
Interviewing Skills


Find Emergency Housing
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Substance Abuse
Employment Referrals
Medical Assistance and Referrals
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