Changing Hearts Saves Lives.

The Mission of RITAS Ministry is to help offenders reintegrate back into the society as productive citizens, as well as offering support to their families.


RITAS Ministry
568 W. Galena Blvd.,
Aurora, IL 60506
Tel: 630-966-0252
Fax: 630-966-0005


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RITAS Ministry – Restoring Inmates to America’s Society – a faith based offender re-entry organization, was the brainchild of Deacon Rick and Linda Martin beginning in March of 1996. The agency received its 501C-3 not-for-profit status on October 8, 1997 and is governed by a Board of Directors. Understanding the effects of the many complex issues the ex-offender faces trying to get reintegrated into the society is RITAS Ministry’s main focus.

In 1998 RITAS Ministry received an award from the Illinois Court Service for their role in bringing the Restorative Justice Concept to Illinois. In 2005, RITAS Ministry was recognized as being one of the top leaders for offender reentry aftercare by being formally invited to be a member of the Governor’s Executive Committee for offender reentry.

Statewide recidivism is 51.8% compared to RITAS Ministry’s which was 26.7% in 2011. Since the cost of housing one inmate per year is on the average $38,000, RITAS Ministry has saved over $6,000,000 of Illinois taxpayer dollars. Reduction in recidivism means fewer victims, an immesuarable savings of reparations of damages caused by crime, and savings in judicial costs.